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Specialties: Technical Communication -- Teaching With Technology

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Requirements and methods to meet training, academic, or research goals for instructional computing and technical communication for managers, teachers, administrators, CEOs, policy makers, professors, businesses, and government and nonprofit organizations.

Instructional Design & Development
Technical writing, computer-aided instruction, computer-based training, Web-based training & Instruction.

Courses in technical writing, computer-aided instruction, computer-based training, Web-based training, instructional design theory and psychology, and technology-curriculum integration.


1998 - Doctor of Philosophy, instructional technology, College of Education, University of Washington.
1991 - Master of Science, technical communication, College of Engineering, University of Washington.
1989 - Certificate, technical writing and editing, Certificate Program in Technical Writing and Editing, University of Washington.
1966 - Bachelor of Arts, philosophy, Alfred University.


Academic years 1992-1994 - University courses and workshops in educational computing, Educational Technology Program, College of Education, University of Washington.

Academic years 1989-1992 - University courses in advanced technical writing for engineers, Technical Communication Program, College of Engineering, University of Washington.

Principal Area of Research Interest

How and why organisms succeed or fail when engaged with learning activities that require problem solving through exploration and research, hypothesis testing, and discovery. The implications for design of learning materials, systems, and environments.

Areas of Study and Teaching

Educational Research
Learning, motivation, cognition, usability, artificial intelligence, the writing process
Uses of electronic technology in collection and analysis of behavioral data
Case study methodologies

Educational/Training Applications of Technology
Multimedia instructional and performance support system design and authoring
E-mail list (listserv) management
Collaborative telecommunication applications in teaching

Technical Communication
Print/online document design
Technical writing and editing
Document production system design

Applications of Telecommunication Technology in Research and Teaching

Founded an Internet mailing list and associated web site for research on electronic games (click here for details)
Coordinated collaborative courses in instructional technology for preservice and graduate-level teacher education program through a virtual "superclassroom" that extended across 3 university campuses (see course syllabus and 1994 paper "Virtual partnering through the Internet" below).

Selected Written Work

Guided Exploration Model of Problem-Solving Discovery Learning Summary (PDF)

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1998 - Ph.D. Dissertation: A guided exploration model of problem-solving discovery learning, University of Washington.
1997 - Article: An automated data collector for study of human-computer interaction. Computers in Human Behavior, 13(2), 205-227.
1994 - Paper: Virtual partnering through the Internet: The EDUC-TEL project.
1994 - Paper: Approaches to integrating computers in teaching and teacher education.
1994 - Paper: To beat the game: A single-subject pilot study using an automated data collection apparatus.
1993 - Paper Presentation: Challenge and motivation in interactive adventures.
1992 - Paper: Thoughts on Mac Writing Partner II: Improving performance through modeling self-regulatory metacognitions.
1992 - Paper: Can we apply instructional theory to research on computer-based gaming environments?.
1992 - Article: Hypertext and collaboration: Observations on Edward Barrett's philosophy. Technical Communication Quarterly, 1(4), 27-41.
1991 - M.S. Thesis: Hypertext dreams and realities, University of Washington.

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